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Marketing Strategy & Project Management Services

Event Planning, Corporate Communications, & More

Do you have corporate communication goals but you're not sure how to get from Point A to Point B? Do you want to rebuild your marketing strategy but don't know where to start? Do you need a fresh expert perspective on your trade show or business event planning?

If the answer is yes, then Lynn Fraher is the solution to your business needs. From large corporation communications to start-up marketing strategy, Lynn Fraher delivers effective results through business experience, marketing savvy, and a creative spirit. Whether as an outsourced expert, outside consultant, or augmentation to existing staff, Lynn promises complete marketing strategy solutions for optimized results.

Marketing Strategy: From Initial Concepts To Future Goals

A strong marketing strategy transforms your value proposition into messages that satisfy your target audience. The complexity lies with discovering the best marketing strategy to position your value proposition. Lynn's deep background in both business and marketing allows her to tap into the best of both worlds, creating a result-oriented strategy that focuses on action and tangible effect while maximizing your marketing dollar. Schedule an initial consultation for more information.

Implementation: Collateral Development, Event Planning, & More

Effective corporate communications address the big picture: potential customers, potential ideas, past concepts, and future goals. These intertwine into a complex formula that ranges across digital media, print campaigns, event planning, and much more. Lynn integrates these aspects into a single focused campaign that uses consistent messaging and strong branding to meet your goals. Schedule an initial consultation for more information.

Project Management: The Path To Streamlined Operations

With vendors, projects, and stakeholders all demanding your attention, getting marketing efforts off the ground can be a challenge. That's where Lynn comes in. A versatile and experienced corporate communications expert Lynn acts as the go-to resource for marketing strategy. As a hub between staff, vendors, and project assignments, Lynn creates smooth, effective processes and team interactions, allowing clients to focus on their core business. Schedule an initial consultation for more information.